My First Week As A Published Author


I’m officially a published author.

I almost cannot believe it. Even when I sign into Goodreads, a site I have used religiously for years as an avid reader, and see the ‘Author Dashboard’ in the corner of the home screen. Even when I receive messages from readers asking me for details about the next book, even when I read reviews from lovely, well read people expressing how much they loved The Affair… Even then I find it all hard to believe.

Because I’ve wanted to be an author since the fourth grade, when my student teacher assigned me my first creative writing assignment. I remember writing so quickly, so ferociously that my hand throbbed and cramped up. It was a silly little story about a haunted house on Halloween; it was even written within the border the share of a pumpkin. But apart from The Affair, it is the most important thing I have ever written because it was the first time I feel in love with the art of writing.

Now, my other baby, about Sinclair and Giselle’s epic weeklong affair in Los Cabos, Mexico is live for the world to read and I have to tell you… it feels AWESOME.

I am so grateful, every day since I pressed Publish on Amazon and Smashwords feels like Thanksgiving. I am in love with every single person who picks up my book, even if they don’t love it as much as I do.

It also amazes me how much there is left to do! I am constantly on Twitter and Facebook, trying to connect with other readers and writers, scanning through Pinterest for inspiration for Book #3 in The Evolution Of Sin, which I am currently brainstorming, and emailing book bloggers with the hope that they may want to read The Affair.

So, after a week of being an ‘official’ author, I’ve got a few goals to each for my 1 month anniversary of The Affair on March 14th.

a) Reach 100 followers on Facebook

b) Set a release date for The Evolution Of Sin Book #2, The Secret

c) Reach 500 followers on Twitter

What do you think? Achievable goals? Either way, wish me luck!


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