The Secret. The Evolution Of Sin #2. Release Date!

The Secret, The Evolution Of Sin #2, will be released May 16th 2016!!

Release Date Friends Dance | Giana Darling Blog

The cover reveal and synopsis will follow in the next couple of weeks but you can already add the book on Goodreads here! It follows immediately where The Affair leaves off, with Giselle and Sinclair returning to their respective lives after their week-long Mexican affair.

If you are a blogger or avid reader who is interested in receiving an ARC of The Secret in exchange for an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads, you can sign up here!

On another note, The Affair has been published for five weeks now!

I’ve received between four and five star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads from wonderful readers and book bloggers that make me want to spontaneously burst into dance on top of a table Chandler Bing-style.

Chandler Bing Happy Dance | Giana Darling Blog

Since publication, I have also finished re-writes of The Secret and I am sending it out today to my amazing beta readers. I’ve designed the covers for the next two books in the trilogy and started to work on book three in The Evolution Of Sin!

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Is anyone as excited as me to see The Secret published in under two months!?




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