My Inspiration

A few of the things that inspire me:

Romance Authors: 

Alessandra Torre – Her books are hot, funny and constantly unique. Brad de Luca from the Innocence trilogy makes me rethink the importance of monogamy. She is a personal idol of mine and happens to be extraordinarily nice too.

Nora Roberts – The queen on romance novels, including fantasy and suspense romances, her novels were my springboard to romanticism. I have read everything she has published and when I need to decompress, I pick up one of her novels to reread.

Karina Halle – everything she writes is unique and fresh. I started with her Experiments In Terror series (Dex and Perry forever!) and have been an avid fan ever since. Plus, she is a fellow British Columbian!

C.D. Reiss – I adore every word she places on the page. Her serial novels are beautifully written and explore the complexities and rawness of sex and intimacy.

E L James – Many people take issue with Fifty Shades Of Grey but no one can argue with her influence over the erotic romance genre. She is a savvy business woman and author, and, to be honest, I love her books despite their depiction of a not-so-healthy relationship.

K.A. Linde – A political science graduate who turned to writing and produce one of my favourite series, The Record series, about a politician and a university reporter. She continues to wow me with her prose and I love that she constantly produces work so I don’t have to wait long between fixes.

K.C. Martin – Becoming His Muse is one of the best series I have ever read, well-written and complex. Her other works are great too, including London Lace about a modern day Lord (cue swoon).

Susan Elizabeth Phillips – Her novels are a delightful escape. I devour each one within hours of its publish date. My favourite has to be his Chicago Stars series about hunky football players.

R.K. Lilley – Her books explore the importance of vulnerability between the protagonists which is something that I absolutely love given the never ending strength of most romantic heroes. The Wild Side series hits almost all of my fantasy notes.

For more of my favorite romance novels, check out my Goodreads feed!

Giana’s books

My Brilliant Friend
it was amazing
I received this book for Christmas and finished it that day – in between gorging myself on turkey and making three different pies! It is beautifully written and explores an often unhealthy relationship between two life-long friend Elena …

Share book reviews and ratings with Giana, and even join a book club on Goodreads.’s%20bookshelf:%20read?cover_position=&cover_size=&num_books=5&order=&shelf=&sort=&widget_bg_transparent=


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